Heartfelt Ways to Say ‘I Love You’

Here’s a universal truth: people are hardwired to love. It’s in our brain. It’s how we survive. It’s how we thrive. It’s what makes our hearts beat.


Every day.

Not just on Valentine’s Day.


So show it. Tell people you care.

Here are a few super easy, 5-minute ways to show you care.

So go ahead and surprise your spouse, your roommates and your friends!

Hearts on A String

Cut out hearts from coloured paper and tape them to a string.

It’s as simple as it looks: fold your paper in two, cut out half a heart, and you’ll get a perfectly symmetrical heart.

Put the string on your fridge, on the side of the doorway for a super nice welcome surprise, or above your sofa on the wall. Everywhere.

Need an even quicker trick? Fold a strip of paper in two, staple the loose ends together and turn inside-out.

Perfect heartshape to decorate anything. Just hang and stare in awe ^.^

Go Corny With A Quote Card

I’ve had my eye on you

• You color my life •

Graffiti The House

Of course you can go all in and buy spray paint to graffiti tag your own home with a shout out to your Love.

Or take the safe route and get out your post-its or a chalk marker and go around the house to leave sweet messages everywhere.

On mirrors, on the insides of your cupboard doors, on the table, next to the bed. Wherever.

Write A Love Note

Still the best and most cherished way to show your love.

Make or buy a cute card to write down a list of all things you love about your Love.

LOVE Magnets available in the Etsy-shop too! 💟

Think of great adventures you had together, but mention the small details that make you smile too.

  • How he changes in the bathroom and then quietly sneeks into the bedroom when he knows you’re already asleep.
  • How your friend allows you to sit in silence when you’re pondering over something, then looks back to you, and gives you a big smile.
  • How she built a fort in your living room just to cheer you up, like Sheldon did for Amy. ❤️️


And yes, if you want, you can buy a gift.

Even flowers or chocolates.

Who doesn’t love a little bit of nature in their house? Or a treat for your sweet tooth?

Just wrap it up nicely and make sure you tell them WHY you love them!

Use this Hearts Wrapping Paper Printable for example * FREE for Insiders!!

Now go on and spread some love!

Big hug





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