My name is Ellen and I happily live in the lovely town of Ghent (Belgium) with my husband and our imaginary pet Elmo.

During the day, I’m a secondary school teacher, but at night, I create handpainted or handdrawn designs and digitally edit them into the final printed designs you see here.

All designs are 100% original and stem from my imagination and, well, life.

The Story

One day, when I put brush to paper in order to relax from a busy workday, the idea grew to finally “do something with my designs”.

By just sitting in dark sketchbooks and paint pads, my designs weren’t going to bring joy to anyone.

So I set them free.

Free for you to enjoy them too.

The Joy of A Handwritten Letter!

We want you to set time aside to write a real, heartfelt letter or postcard to a dear friend or family.

Because that’s what we live on: true, authentic connections. Love, simply put.

Knowing that someone spent the time thinking about you and writing you a note – by hand! – isn’t that the best feeling in the world?

So let’s spread some more love and practice that gorgeous penmanship of yours!

Here’s to love and beautiful people!